Hashtag life



Finally cleaned My room. Hate cleaning. So boring. I’m sitting in My bed, eating a nut mix. Nuts are the absolut best thing I know! If I got to decide – chocolate or nuts, I would choose nuts. A houndred times. Sitting in a clean room, playing the Sims and eating nuts. Hashtag life.

Answering questions

Show yourself in the webbcam now:



Tree thing you have done today:

> I´ve woken up for one hour ago

> put on some clothes

> played on my iPad


The best thing that happened to you this year:

Well, I receive great opportunities all the the tome. I feel so spoiled. At home I´m given great food. I have such nice friends and families that give me these small, but wonderful gifts, like for example in this weekend when my grandmother gave me some books that she found at her home, or just when someone goes with me to a café. Or that I received the opportunity to travel with my school to Estonia, and that I´ll on monday travel with my friends to Copenhagen. I have no one best thing.


The worst thing that happened this year:

My worst thing is basically my own actions and how I deal with things. I can do things so much better, handle situations better. But I know this, so that´s good so I can process it. 


Current obsession:

Tv- I have no real obsession right now, but I started to watch House of cards, and Game of thrones is on again, so that´s on my list.

Music- Whatever that makes me happy. When the sun shines I´m in blues mood.

Clothes- Want to feel comfortable.

Food- I´m in my peanut butter/jam sandwiches period! but avocado is never wrong!


Most romantic thing happening lately:

Cuddling with my dog. . .


Tree things in you pantry:

 Oates, lemon curd, pineapple rings


Something you don´t like with others:

When people say that something is gay.


A bad side of yourself :

I am loud! I scream all the time. I don´t actually feel it´s a bad side. I rather be loud than all quite. But I can understand people around me that they get annoyed. 


Weekend plan:

> Meet my old class 

> Take a trip to Växjö with my father´s family 

> Celebrate my aunts birthday

> start packing to Copenhagen 


I have some kind of dilemma. Or at least something that bothers me. A lot. You might know that I live with my aunt and her husband. I live in the centre of the city and feel like I belong here. I have my own room, with all of my things. I am close to everything, my school, cafés- everything I need. I have lived here for almost two years now. I have built up my life here. My aunt and her husband has a cottage a few miles outside of the city. It´s located on a very beautiful place, and I understand them, that they prefer to live out there.

My problem is that- Here have I tried to built up a life as good as I can. I feel that it´s hard to do that when you are a teen and you take as much freedom as you possibly can. I am on my trying to be an individual, without being able to truly decide for my own. Anyway, here in the city do I feel like home. It feels like home. I don´t feel uncomfortable doing my projects here- if it so might be painting, drawing, studying and so on. I can do those things in their cottage, but I don´t feel home there. NOT AT ALL. I know how much they love being there. And I truly hate to stay there. It feels just like I´m waiting for to go home. I do not feel comfortable. I sleep during my time there and think of everything I could have done If I was home. In the city.

They lived much in the cottage last summer. I got to sleep at home. It was so good, because I could do so much. I didn´t have that constant anxiety in body for not being able to do something that I like. But now is my aunt forcing me to go with them to the cottage. And I feel some kind of anxiety going there, because my time there is just dead hours. The cottage is there life, not mine. For me not feeling able to let my creativity out there, it feels like a prison. I just needed to tell someone how I feel, because this is really stoping me in my everyday time.

Monday morning

Today is monday and so far good. I have much to do this week- presentation in school, essays, test and so on. I’ll today meet an older friend of mine, which makes me really excited. I practiced with her for a couple of years ago! She’s an artist. We haven’t talked with each other for a long time. It Will be great.
I am catching up with My old class on friday and we´ll cuddle …..and on monday will I and 4 other friends jump on the train to copenhagen! Happy days are waiting for me.