Party like a bohemian


It is May-day today! Everyone are watching giant bonfires, drinking alcohol, partying until they faints. My dad is in Stockholm, a lot of miles away from here. – Then I call for celebration! A large party. I called Emilia. We have been eating Indian food with applejuice.  We hang up sheets on the balcony, set out the plants and folkswagen. I pulled on a hat and Emilia a pair of round sunglasses. We are bohemians. And will be all night .. We really know how to party!



Drive south – to the ocean – get the fishes

ImageImageThis weekend have been slack. Went down with my aunt and onkel to their summerhouse by the sea. It was nice to get away from .. everything. Have just been eating.. But today we went crazy… No not crazy, we only woke up, got up – out from our beds. Drove South, fished for herring. I believe herring is the fish I mean. No idea.Freezing cold but freakin awezome.


ImageI´m all tired after a long, long, extremely long day. School was long, long and boring, awfully boring. Ate at Thaisilk with two of my bestfriends. Couldn´t walk after that. I rolled out. Peanutbuttersauce with vanilla soft ice cream.. Just saying.. Test that. Rode the bike a couple of miles home. Now I´m extremely tired. God bye. Now I´m sleeping. Bye!


I was out and took a walk in my loneliness. I thought about “the old days”. I thought about my best friend. We havn´t talk to each other in years now. Walked passed on the street. Lived in the same house, but no talk. Just smiles. She´s still my best friend. Can´t see her as nothingelse. I have no idea what she´s does during the days. I still got a picture of her and me over my bed. I´m friend with her on facebook. I dont know why we stopped.. be us. I love her. She isn´t a part of my heart, not that kind of crap. She don´t belong in my organs. She belongs in my soul.


ImageI just came up with a new fear. Worms! On my way home I met like.. seven? ten? Worms. BIG AS BASILISKS! I was terrified. My whole body shook. And when they move themselves is the most scariest part.. They look like freaking aliens! Creatures on this planet has eyes.. EYES! The worms.. are pink! and move. Smell as well.