Bilder på kläderna jag köpte tidigare idag. Min ena bästaste vän tjatade till mig att lägga upp dem. Så nu, här mitt i natten ställer sig en otroligt ful Elin framför kameran. Pust. Jag ska bara få det gjort. Publish.

The pictures of the clothes I bought earlier today. One of my most best friend begged me to post them. So now, here in the middle of the night, an incredibly ugly Elin stands in front of the camera. Phew. I’ll just get it done. Publish.



  1. wheresmytbackandotherstories · April 8, 2012

    Hello Elin. The dress on top is the most gorgeous!

  2. The Silver Poet · April 8, 2012

    smile darling xx
    can not for the life of me see the ugliness you are referring to!
    shoulders back ,be proud of your womanness!
    us good ones are few and far between

    • revealillusions · April 8, 2012

      Such many people says be proud of yourself. Its much easier when isn’t about you.I only see failures.

      • The Silver Poet · April 8, 2012

        change your focus…it is up to you to grow the neurons in your brain….my words won’t mean anything until you start to see how fascinating life is…how bizarre how emotional how miraculous it is. and you are one of the miracles…..
        Focus on the weird and the wonderful….look into your own eyes…be brave
        we are not that important and yet each of us holds the key to the universe…..your smile can light a million lonely stars….why hold back?

      • revealillusions · April 8, 2012

        You hold back when everything turns against you. I believe life is fascinating, but doesnt when i feel down. Really deep down. As I also believe everyone does at some point. And then when you are under ground and you just can see the meaningless about yourself. – Its not such a big chance to notice the weird wonderfulness. But the beauty of humans is that we are fighting. We still woke up and do what you need to do. And find after alot of struggling the miraculous, wonderful life. Thats brave. I am brave. I struggling.

      • The Silver Poet · April 8, 2012

        i know.
        you are brave
        just keep thinking brave and soon your brain will light up so much that the dark begins to disappear
        dark is also fine, can pull out some wonderful poetry 😉
        just be bigger than the dark.
        why not ? 😉

      • revealillusions · April 9, 2012


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