My love. My great love. Always is and will always be in my thoughts.

ImageFem år. Hur fort går inte tiden? Satt ute med min hund idag, han är fem år. Det känns som om jag kännt honom hur länge som helst. Känns egentligen som om jag levt hur länge som helst också. Hur länge lever en hund tänkte jag då jag såg honom i ögonen. Är det tio år på ett ungefär? Såg vartenda strå i hans päls och tänkte ska komma ihåg vartenda en utav dessa strån. Tänk när dagen kommer och jag aldrig någonsin ska få se de där stråna. Om ytterliggare fem år? En till evig tid som går så hiskerligt fort. Hur kan jag inte gråta?

Five years. The time runs so fast. Sat outside with my dog today, he is five years. I feel like I have known him forever. It really feels as if I have lived forever too. How long does a dog live? I thought as I looked into his eyes. Is it ten years? Saw every single straw in his fur and thought to remember every single one of these straws. Thought about when the day comes and I´ll never, ever get to see those straws again. Futher five years? A forever going time that goes so fast. How can I not cry?



  1. The Lilia Project · April 14, 2012

    We think that about ours all the time too…she’s almost nine now…wish we had another nine. Thank you for your beautiful words.

  2. Regina (Gina) Arnold · April 15, 2012

    Maybe we love them so much because they love us unconditionally. We’ve lost three now to disease but they are always in our hearts. I know how you feel. Just love every moment with them.

  3. pk · May 2, 2012

    Ooo, Elin, darling, is that you?! great pic. I’m melted, be sure.
    That’s pine forest? I live in pine flatwoods, Florida version.

  4. boomiebol · May 4, 2012

    Thank you for stopping by my blog and liking one of the posts :).

  5. sannechristian · May 10, 2012

    Oh how I can relate to loving your dog! I had a doxie Patti for 16 years, and we were a match made in heaven. Now I have little Chihuahua, Alfie, and he is such a dear! Thanks for stopping by my blog and liking my coffee post today!

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