ImageImageJag har faktist ingenting att skriva. Väntar på att åka till skolan för lite hemkunskaps prov. Sedan inget. Ingenting. Vet inte om jag känner någonting heller. Tog lite kort ute nyss. Var lycklig tillsammans med min hund. Men nu.. Inget.

Actually.. I have nothing to write. I´m waiting for my school to begin. It will be some Home economics test.  Then nothing. Nothing. I don´t know if I feel something either. Took some pictures outside. Was happy with my dog as company. But.. Now.. Nothing. Can also tell, the smile on the first picture does not belong to this text.



  1. Marc Fauvet · April 23, 2012

    maybe, but it’s still a nice smile.

  2. elmediat · April 24, 2012

    Excellent compositions. Very well done!
    Effective use of colour & balance to set mood and tone. 😉
    These feelings of nothing – perhaps you should read some Sartre. Check my Existential Friday posts for some background & links.
    Keep taking photographs & expressing yourself in creative media.

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