I will miss you

ImageNow, it happens. That thing I hate to do, but do every other week. I say goodbye to, my adorable dog. He is so cute and pretty unaware. I wonder if he knows how much I miss him when we’re not close.



  1. Fresh from Kitchen · April 30, 2012

    RIP. He will miss you as much as you miss him. regards.

  2. booksandasummergirl · April 30, 2012

    Did he pass away?

  3. aeborn · May 1, 2012

    Cute doggie!! He knows you’ll return – don’t worry. But, I can understand. I miss my dogs even when I leave for just a few hours. Is he a Cocker Spaniel breed? 🙂

    • revealillusions · May 1, 2012

      🙂 He´s an English Springer Spaniel 😉 what kind of dog do u have? 🙂

      • aeborn · May 1, 2012

        Oh! I’ve seen a couple English Springer Spaniels! they’re so cute! I have 2 cocker spaniels. 🙂 They’re very naughty 🙂

  4. youngkingdom · May 17, 2012

    A beautiful picture of your beautiful dog! How old is he?

    • revealillusions · May 17, 2012

      he´s five 😉

      • youngkingdom · May 17, 2012

        okay! Very lovely dog 🙂 too bad you’ll have to miss him a whole week! My parents are also divorced. Fortunately though, they live in the same town, so that’s okay. Do your parents live far away from each other?

      • revealillusions · May 17, 2012

        Mine also live near each other. Less then i mile actually. 🙂

      • youngkingdom · May 17, 2012

        O that’s nice! When you really really miss your dog, you can easily look him up 🙂 By the way, as a fellow partner in missfortune, do you hate the fact your parents have divorced? Mine divorced like 14 years ago, and I think it’s okay now..

      • revealillusions · May 17, 2012

        No.. I wanted my parents to separate. The don´t fit. It´s hard to pack ever other weak but it´s nice to change environment. They separated maybe five years ago

      • youngkingdom · May 17, 2012

        haha okay! You wanted it yourself.. that’s okay. And I totally agree with you, it is indeed nice to change environment every week! An other fortune is that you can celebrate your birthday twice, you go on holiday twice and all that kind of stuff!

      • revealillusions · May 17, 2012

        I know! Then my relatives lives far away to! 😉 so santa visit my four times!

      • youngkingdom · May 17, 2012

        Haha lucky you! By the way, lovely blog you have there!

      • revealillusions · May 17, 2012

        thanks! I like yours to! 🙂

      • youngkingdom · May 17, 2012

        Thank youuu 🙂

      • revealillusions · May 17, 2012

        Why do you have such interest of my parents divorce any way
        ? 😉

      • youngkingdom · May 17, 2012

        Yeah well my parents are divorced too so I wondered how you thought about it, therefore I ain’t the only one ;p

      • revealillusions · May 17, 2012

        okej 😉

  5. instillari · May 20, 2012

    This picture is so adorable!! love your dog.

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