About to lose a friend


I love my friends. I admire my friends. I respect my friends. I care about my friends. I feel used by one of them. She finds a person or new friends and escapes from me. Then after a while she comes back, like I´m a backup. In Years I have called her my best friend. She were one of those who had prijority. Recently she has been escaping.. more and more. Been behaved generally unpleasant, arrogant, disrespectful and grumpy. I can´t even Imagine that I have done anything. I havn´t done anything. I have asked if she want to do stuff, but she always says no. And now she accuse me for not. She snaps at me and only criticize me.  She´s so close-minded – Don´t even noticed what she does. Croshers me. I´m Unsure if she still wants to be my friend. A part of me. Should it be like this?

Of what she says to me it seems like she wants to break the friendship. Completely. I still love her. Of course. But what annoyed I get when she don´t notice that she´s doing wrong. Blames it on me. Press away my hope and dreams. I feel bad for her. She just might broken the best thing you could ever have. A friend. A security. A love.



  1. Fiona Pimentel · May 24, 2012

    Have you tried to ask her if she is okay?

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