When I realize that one of my dreams will come true


Finally! I have done what I´ve longed for in so many years. I have ordered a ticket to see one of my life strongest source. The band “Kent”. After years of studying around their music and lyrics I finally took the chance. I have listened at them since i was very young wich have made huge impact on me. They aren´t just a simple band that I adore. They are like an extra crutch to keep me up. Despite their depp music filled with remorse they just donate me happiness. Like when a familymember has been gone for a long time. A very long time.Havn´t heard a word from suddenly calls. 

The band announce that a new album will be realized in spring. The album I have waited gingerly over for two years. I have seen videos on the internet on how they dance by mercy on stage. It makes me shout and cry. I´m afraid for falling or even blink on their consert. 

If I should quote Joakim Berg in how it will feel for me at their gig I should do it with a verse from a song he wrote himself. 


” Jag har skuggat dig i år.

Jag har sparat varje klipp.

Och så såg jag dig igår.

Jag såg rädslan i din kameravana blick.”


” I have followed you for years.

I have saved every moment.

And then I saw you yesterday.

I saw the fear in your camera habit look”

Perfekt! He should be afraid, cause I will hunt him down until the cameras gets what they fight for.



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