Boom boom kaapich

ImageImageAfter some hours of door drops(do you call it that??) this morning I went to town with my family. Bought a pair of sunglasses. To bad my nose looks more pointed… But still love’em.

I´ve found a list on my spotify today. I have apperently named it “The list that makes you rock so hard, faint and boom boom kaapich”.. It´s only one song in it.. A lady gaga song. Rock? I don´t think so. “You and I”. It makes me dance, jump around everywhere… Become crazy.



  1. Vaneeesa Blaylock · May 26, 2012

    Oh wow… only the greatest pair of sunglasses… like… EVER.

  2. notes to the milkman · May 27, 2012

    So you’ve won Eurovision Song Contest! Boom! Boom! Kaapich!

  3. lobophotography · May 29, 2012

    Great shot! I prefer the first one!

  4. timruane24 · May 30, 2012

    Two great photographs.

  5. kathryningrid · June 17, 2012

    Great glasses, great shots!

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