Wall in the park




Sitting in the park with My father and his wife. All the three of is are playing with our phones and Its a beautiful weather. Kicked of My shoes, the Grass is tickling My feet. Birds are howling. And i need to go to the bathroom.

Go oh go



Finished! Everything is done! Now I can tipp My with money made of air so he can drive me to one of My absolut cutest and most adorable friends! so on with the high heels, the Pretty hat and à Fancy skirt! ….

Can father put on a sweeter soon so we can go??


I found it! I found it! My hat ! My beloved hat I bought yesterday!! Black hat. Sexy hat. I wear the hat, in My bed.. The evening sun is shining through My window. It looks like the glass is on fire.
If you wait I’ll Come with a cup of coffee!
Alright!! I’m back! With coffee, But I realased how hard it was to drink coffee, write a post, read hungergames and feel good in My hat in the same time.
So bye!