kelseyreinhart, I want to thank you for nominate me for the “One lovely blog award” and the ” Very inspiring blogger award”.  One of the rules in this awards is to write seven random facts about me, yourself. And then I can nominate fiften other blogers that I admire. To the one who nominated you, you got to link back and say thanks to in your post.

Her comes my seven facts :

1. I have all kinds of phobias. For example I´m afraid of the dark, spiders, egg and shrimp shells, lonliness, do wrong, salvia and other body fluids.. and a lot more,

2. I have always loved coffee. Since the first time I tasted it in a very young age. Now I drink it often, much.. way to much.

3. In my dreams is there always someone dancing in the background.

4. After twenty minutes by sitting in front of the tv I begin to feel what it tickles in my legs of restlessness. But I can sit in a so much longer time behind my window while I watch the sky and all the flowers with a coffee cup in my hand.

5. I believe in God but not religion.

6. Around 70% of my awake time I thinking of impossible, unnecessary stuff. Most things I can´t even explain with words. If you don´t get contact with me you now know why.

7. I hate homophobia. And I have a hard time respecting people who are disrespectful. Against bullying but don´t believe in justice.

Here are the fiften blogs I nominated :


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