I found it! I found it! My hat ! My beloved hat I bought yesterday!! Black hat. Sexy hat. I wear the hat, in My bed.. The evening sun is shining through My window. It looks like the glass is on fire.
If you wait I’ll Come with a cup of coffee!
Alright!! I’m back! With coffee, But I realased how hard it was to drink coffee, write a post, read hungergames and feel good in My hat in the same time.
So bye!


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  1. Vaneeesa Blaylock · June 28, 2012

    Hi Elin, what a wonderful post! I really love all your work, but the simplicity of this one and the inspired few sentences that make us feel like we’re there with you make it such a sweet “raindrop” of experience.

    Hey, I have a proposition for you!
    IDK if you’ve seen my blog or not:

    We’ve tried hard to have a lot of images there, but it’s also been a place with many words. We’ve decided to launch a new feature focusing on, as you already know about, the power of images!

    It’s kind of a “365 Days” or “Photo a Day” project, but with some adjustments. These projects are usually a self-portrait every single day for a year, or less if you fall off, or yearS if you go nuts.

    The problem is doing it every single day is hard for some peeps and even scares some away. And while I do love the trajectory of self-portraits, peeps do love to take pix with the camera pointing out too.

    So, here’s our version, it doesn’t have to be every single day, and it doesn’t have to be a self-portrait, but it should be a picture you took today (ish) We’d like to have a handful of people from around the globe participate and we can have a featured section on iRez where you can see today’s snapshot of life on planet earth. So on the days you post something, it’d be one image, and if you can a sentence or two as a caption.

    If you’re interested I’d really love to have you participate, all the work I’ve seen here is so great. As I said before you have a remarkable eye for composition and for capturing moments.


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