Let’s go party!


Yes! On My way out to the forrest! To the hotness and the wet smelling asphalt. I am On my way to påryd.. The near by ” the end of the world”.. I’ll met my dear friends, who can stand to lie there! It’s gonna be a party tonight! Or just when I arrive! The sky looks beautiful, I just Can’t stop smiling!! Listen to Zola Jesus.. Love that band!
Have been waiting for this party à long time now!! So babes!! Here I Come!




Why an I so tired! What Ever I do I get all wheezy! It might be the warm air. I have just been sitting Down for over a day! And like five Whole days just last week! I get so tired of myself for not doing anything. I don’t even read. But today have put some clothes on. And make up. So something have I done. But I am restless!

Day with Moa and Emilia

A super awesome day with two of my best friends!!! We ate chinesfood in like two and a half hours. It was so hot in town that I bought new clothes so I could change. Now this evening when we came hone to me, we ate Ben & Jerry ice cream. Later we roled in a hill just outside. Two boys who might were eight years jogged around us and we cheered them on! So lady gaga and Lena ph has been played on My Sterio all night, still does.









On the balcony


So warm! Don´t know where to go! All the ice are soon out. Tonight me and my father are going to see a football match.. Hope we shall not ride the bike to the arena. Cause then I´ll sweat like… a horse? Don´t know any expression for that.

I hear the coffeemaker patter in the kitchen. Coffee might not be the best to drink when it´s so damn hot! But I need the caffeine.


This piece is from the fifth cake I have eaten the last two weeks! Oh My goosh! And I just can’t stop After My first piece. I must grab atleast two!! I’ll role into My school’s doors when break is over! Only this year have I eaten 2,5 kilos of Nutella! I actually don’t know what to do with myself!