Music non stop when I close my eyes


Can´t handle it. I saw Kent for 24 hours ago. For 24 hours ago I screamed, cried and was as happy as I ever could be. It´s over. The greatest moment in my life has past. I might never see them again. Never be as close as I was again. They might quit. But they can´t. Right? I have dreamed for so long to se them, to hear them. I couldn´t even think before the consert that I would stand so close. I could see Jocke´s hair on his arms when he swung them in the air. All their smiles, breaths and steps I notised. I just can´t tell how mush I love them. They have helped me for so many times. Has been their for me all my life. I´m so scared if I never get the change to see them or meet them once again. Can´t stop thinking about their faces when they danced around there on stage. Just couldn´t stop admire them. It were the faces I have seen pictures on at home. It were the faces who have made the music, the dreams and goals I have. Who has helped my life grow. When they played their new song “999”, the lyrics was ” Even how far you have come, it´s always longer to raise”. When I heard that song before I thought it sounded very depressing. Like whatever I do I´ll get no where. But just that Jocke Berg sang it to me, it felt like he meant that it will be time to meet each other again. My hope started to grow again after a lot of crying in a beautiful, breathtaking ballad, “747”. I stood their, cried. Couln´t move. I was so touched by the moment. I am still. Can´t write anymore now. To sad.


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