I’m old




I am sitting in a bed outside of town, near Where I used to live as younger. Me and my school are at a camp. The camp I used to go to almost everyday of summer. Got a lot of memories down here, But nothing I like.
We are here to get to know each other better, But I think I’ll never become friends with one of these. I feel alone and thinking of change school. The problem is that I like this school, But I feel lonley. I have nothing in common with these people. I have nothing to say. When I am here I feel like I am nothing.

Running home from school to met up with my coffeecup!


OKej! Back home again after school! I feel much better about it now then I did a week ago! I´m starting to getting used to thoose people and thoose classrooms. But I am always longing home to my cup of coffee. I always forget money to buy coffee at their café. The days aren´t that long. Today was I only there for five hours. Yesterday three. Tomorrow seven.

Actually I have nothing to say! The only thing I do is go to school… Then later I come home….. Okey! Yesterday I bought some new clothes, today am I going to eat sushi with my mother… Things like that…



Back home from school. Monday… This weekend went so fast… I sleept it trough. I was at my first swedish lesson today, feels great! Love that I start 12:30 on Mondays! My guitar lesson starts in about twenty minutes so I can´t write anything… I thiught I could put something up on my blog….. I havn´t in this whole weekend..

Jocke Berg har skrivit om…

Jocke Berg har skrivit om känslor och ting så som ilska, kärlek, hat, vänskap, att åldras, våld, främlingsfientlighet, politik, rädsla, otillräcklighet, depression, döden, småstadsmentalitet, missbruk, lycka, kändisskap, om mobbning, om att tillhöra, och så mycket mer.

Något jag tänker på ibland när jag bara är lycklig!


Jocke Berg has write about feelings and things like anger, love, hate, friendship, grow old, violence, politics, fear inadequacy, depression, death, small-town mentality, abuse, happyness, fame, about bullying, how to belong and so much more…….