How Will I be able to sleep? I Can’t ! Thunderstorm outside and it’s dark. I have been lying down with my mother for a couple of hours, trying to forse myself to sleep. But my eyes just wont close. I am so freaked inside, thats maybe the reasen. I can hear the rain patter against the windows. How people move in the apartments above. How my dog and sister snors. My face looks up to the window. Sometimes I see a giant light with enormous arms twisting itselves like branches. The before black sky becomes all purple for just a second. I counting.. 1..2..3.. Then I hear a rumble, like if the sky was hungry. I thinking when the next lightning comes, it will hit me. Burn me. My mother still trying to convince me that I am safe. I’m not sure I am. I could die by every second now.. In many ways. I don’t want to die now.



  1. reddragonpassant · August 4, 2012

    Put the headset on next time you are scared or a storm comes, and listen to your favorite Cult song. That may change your mood 😉

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