Good morning

The sun is burning my shoulder. No one is around. The sky is Blue. Extreme against the clear, Green tree’s. Some leafes has fallen and landed next to the street. The quiet wind is cool. It’s august. Summer will soon leave.
The bus comes. I walk in. Pay and take a seat. Fall asleep until the bus stops on it’s exit and I change bus and continue my way home. Some people looks at me. I understand them. I ware leopard pants, a lace shirt and a long, dirty cardigan. My hair is out of control. Just a little of my yesterday make up is still on my face. Look worn. When bus stops in town I haf to take my bike and continue my way home. It’s as I said early morning and it’s saturday. I can only see old men. But I think it’s because They are the only ones that can wake up this early. And I.
I am starting to get carsick. I better rest.



  1. Kjackson00 · August 11, 2012

    This sounds like the intro of a wonderful book. 🙂 I wish I could keep reading

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