One dream

I dreamed a dream last night. I was so scared! It felt so real! I woke up all sweaty!

I walked around in the forest. The forest was pines and tiny firs. The red mushrooms were big, almost taller then myself. The sky had started to get a much darker shade of blue. I didn´t know where to go, but I knew that I needed to go far away from where I was.
Eventually I came to a fern thicket. The leaves were large as palm-tree´s. Carefully I whisked my arms to get past, but thou I were so cautious my arms became hurt and filled of blisters. But I did soon forget that cause I met a lake. I stood on soft, fresh, green grass. The grass leaned at the lake. The lake wasn´t filled with water. The whole surface was filled with sunflowers. The yellow leaves glowed gold when the sun slowley disappeared in the horizon. The air was orange. It sparkled of fireflies. I remembered I must escape. It felt like I was afraid of something. Like if something was going to caught me. Blod was flowing down my arms, down my body, to the ground. If someone would see my blod they would know I was there, so I dived. Down in the sunflowers i disappeared. It smelled sweet, almost like honey. I only got to swim a few meters until I fell. Everything became black. The sweetness was gone. I fell a long time.
When I oppened my eyes, my chin lay against stone. I looked up, but didn´t see any flowers. The heaven was adorned with a thousends of rooftops and castle towers. A hoof struck the ground in front of my face. quickly I flew up. Two nostrils puffed two enormous clouds in my face. I coughed and backed. It was something I have never seened before. A creature with a muzzle like a horse and black eyes with extent like soapbubbles. Upward the long forehead it went feathers up to where the ears would be placing. Insted of ears it was a screen. It almost looked like a sunshield. it went all around his head down to the jaw. It´s skin looked like dark snake skin. Black feathers went down the whole spinal down to the tied tale. The neck was long against the body. It´s back was leaning even more the closer it´s tale it came.
Next to that animal another one stood. With each harness around their chests they draged a carriage. Dark purple steel with knobs in each corner that sparkled. Red, falling curtains, they looked like theater curtains was hanging down the windows in the wagon. The driver had no head, but a hat. The hat was high and nodded me up to the seat next to him. The dragon-like creatures draged us through the street. People walked around, laughed, screamed, slept or sang. When I looked closer to the buildings they looked like if they where made of stone, but they crackled like if they could give me a shock. Everything felt floating, as if the city was in no where.
The wagon stopped and the driver pushed me out. A black leather glove pointed with a long, sharp finger. I followed it´s way with my eyes and met a giant building with towers who where spined to spirals. The roof flashed blue. It shot out force fields which closed over all the city buildings, as if they lived in a kind of dome. Outside the house great gate two tall men stood. Their bodys looked like triangles cause the muscles was enormous on their arms and chests and their hips and legs so scrawny. On their heads, it was a fat helmet filled with colourfull wires. I couldn´t see their faces cause of the screen from the helmet. Slowley and carefully I walked to the gate. The guard didn´t move a fin. When I was going to drag up the door the two men lift me upp in my arms and put me down a step backwards. Straight as pines they stood again. The green wire of the right man´s helmet started to flash. He pulled up his arm to the handle, didn´t touch it. He just closed his hand carefully, danced with his fingers until a pink little cloud flyed between his fingers. The gate slowly opened. All I saw was black and a crystle white floor. When I stood a bit inside the gate closed with a bang. Gently I walked forward. Something klicked and the whole rooms lit up. The walls runs up emter after meter to a ceiling I could not even see. Everything was white and so light i had to rubb my eyes. Then I saw a lady in front of me. She was very tall with a waist I could pinch between my two fingers. The silver white dress hang down to the floor. Her arms were opened like Jesus on the cross, but she was clamped in sparkling chains. Her oval, very large face looked angry. The nose was long and slim. The mouth was tiny and almost looked like a heart. The eyebrows were just thin lines, maybe a meter each. Her eyes flashed, icy blue. They never stoped stare at me. The wide head lifted red hair with eternity long locks. Like seven sunrays were it restrained in some kind of invisible ceiling. Each sunray of heavy hair was at least fifteen meters long. You could see how it pulled the skin out of her head.
I felt so incredible small.
Nothing happened while we just stood there and looked at each other and just breathed. My lips opened to ask a question, but I never had time to point it out cause suddenly the women screamed out
“Caught him! Let the thorns hook, but all the veins must still cook.”


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