Im so happy!! I did just Buy a Mac! I barely dear to touch it. Its so beautiful! Next thing I Will Buy is a camera! I must have a camera, i do. I must have some more money! I must studdy! I don’t know how I can do all things! No time for anything! Seven houndred tests for next week. Oh My gosh!



Listening on Kent Music videos. Crying. I miss them.
I love them.
I Can’t control myself.
I want to hug them, their music, texts, their everything so hard that They’ll become ash. No strenght is enough!


Im sitting on the station and waiting for My aunt to come on a train. I bought à cinnamon bun and a latte.
Im feeling alone.
Just Saw a footballgame, match? On the new arena. Cool. But cold, and the only thing I have done this weekend. Im so Bored.