Football head

ImageSorry.. I´m sorry for my ugliness…. I´s just came home from the football game and it was so cold! The players sucked… The ball did one time came near where I sat and the man behind me thought it would come at us, so he grabbed my head, kind of like the way I do at myself on the ugly photo above. The man just starts to laugh and told me he thought my head was the ball….. Thumbs up for that !


Today I look good cause now one are supposed to see me.

ImageImageImage Happy Halloween! I am not dressed up as a scary cat, vampire or pumpkin today andI haw not and will not celebrate halloween today. But I really want to. Today I woke up early and sat in front of the mirror for hours because I waited for my father to come home so we could take the car and drive to Karlskrona. It feels so stupid to write “Karlskrona” cause it´s Swedish and swedish is stupid. All stupid…. Anyway! In Karlskrona… We walked around and bought some coffee and chocolate, looked around and drove home again. Soon me and my father  are going to the football stadium. I´ll freeze to death! Bye! XOXO