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Today feels wonderful!

Today feels wonderful!

I am happy! Happy ! HAPPY! No school today! But I am most write a essay about .. something.. And study some Japanese….
But I am still feeling really good today! I have been study math this whole week and I am glad that it´s over! Hoping for some good results!
My birthday is on sunday and I will have a little birthday party on saturday with friends and with family on sunday! I´m really excited! All my nearest friends will be together! And 22 days after my birthday it is Christmas! The best day on the year! I love Christmas! It´s so cosily, glorious! I am planing what I will buy to my friends and family! I am planing where I will get the money to! Having money would be great! How can I get some money?

He yawns as he is tired, sweet.

He yawns as he is tired, sweet.

We are bough tired. I was home from school yesterday because I am feeling sick. My whole body feels so heavy and my throat hurts and I have a cold. I was supposed to go visit my uncle today, but instead I am home, watching our dog who also seems to be tired. Anyway, it´s so boring being home and sleep all day! And it´s so hard to do anything, even how badly you want to! Today have I been sleeping, writing a bit and I really most study! But it breaks my heart because the sky looks so stunning, old as I am I want to sit down the whole day and watching the clouds fly by.. What will I become?