Ingen kunde röra oss




Merry Christmas! It have been a wonderful day! All white of snow, but without any storms. I woke up really early and could see the day grow as it should.It´s so fantastic see the sun climb up to the center of the sky and fight away all that frightening darkness.. Santa came today.. He looked like my aunt.. I might be related to Santa? Who knows? I got a lot of sweet presents! Canvas, brushes, colors, socks(which I think is so very cute because everyone hates to get socks, I think it´s fortunate.) a game and so much more!!! I am just a little sad that my dog, Wille couldn´t be here at my grandparents place this christmas because he is enemy to the other dogs.. But that´s life I suppose… Now am I longing for tomorrow. It´s play-day! The day we are playing all games we got from Santa this year! Cozy!