Life Evolved

Life Evolved

Finally this is this week over! Now can I rest! I like having things to do, but now can I feel the pressure, the “I most do good” pressure. It´s hard, but I handle it and I only keep going better and better. Of course, I am talking about school. What else happens in my life now at time? Today I had two tests and I think it worked out pretty well! I am so happy I can handle all of this things and still be alive. And now am I so excited! I have created myself a new goal! I am so glad! To keep up with that goal I need to study! Study hard this upcoming years! Get tremendous grades. I most keep on doing and a lot more of the things I love.- Creating, paint, draw, sculpture, being an artist. I have a dream! I want to go to the New York academy of art! Oh my Gosh! Traveling that road will be though, but I am trusting myself! Being an artist is something I really want and aim this goal is no wrong! It´s actually fantastic I believe! Especially because it comes from me!



  1. prewitt1970 · December 7, 2012

    Good luck with your art!!

  2. Mike · December 11, 2012

    You will be a FANTASTIC artist! Don’t stop!

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