Smoke on the tea


Hello sunday! I am cleaning my room. Dusting behind my bed. Oh my good! I want to draw, but most clean and do my essay first! It will be dark outside soon. That is the worst thing about winter! Hate darkness, though I might think these two photos above is pretty nice… But they are dark. Oh God! I have to shower! I hate getting wet! Uw! It´s so cold and naked and just unnecessary. Unnecessary for me, not for my social life.. If you understand, I don´t want everybody to thing I smell bad or something. All my friends keeps telling – How can´t you like to shower? It is so comfortable! I like – No! Naked, cold, wet and it takes your time, and you most do it like five times a week at least! Do you know what I could do instead? Sorry.. I just hate to shower….



  1. leocorte · December 11, 2012

    The part of shower I hate… is going out of it to the real world again.

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