Stole this from my friend

The 1th picture: A picture of someone you spent much time with
The 2th picture: A picture of yourself
The 3th picture: A picture of someone in your family
The 4th picture: A picture of a strange time in your life
The 5th picture: An old picture of you
The 6th picture: A picture of you and a friend you haven’t seen for a while
The 7th picture: A picture who has never been showed
The 8th picture: A person that you miss
The 9th picture: A picture of someone you would ask for advice
The 10th picture: Someone you think is very kind
The 11th picture: A person you can tell anything to
The 12th picture: A picture of your everyday
The 13th picture: You and some classmate
The 14th picture: A picture who reminds you of the old days
The 15th picture: A person you want to spent time with
The 16th picture: A picture of yourself
The 17th picture: An unordinary picture
The 18th picture: A picture of your future
The 19th picture: A good-looking person
The 20th picture: A picture of your closest friends
The 21th picture: A person who’s always there for you
The 22th picture: A picture of a time that you miss
The 23th picture: A picture from last summer
The 24th picture: A picture who make you happy
The 25th picture: A person who always make ypu happy
The 26th picture: Someones you always have fun with
The 27th picture: A picture that you always laught at
The 28th picture: A crazy picture
The 29th picture: The newest picture of you
The 30th picture: Someone you never will left


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