My head explodes!

ImageImageImageHi! I just got to write something! My head explodes!! YES! ideas of everything are running around in there! I am feeling so creative! Got so many new ideas for paintings, sketches, photographs. And! I am so angry! It is to much on the news about racism! I can´t deal with it! I have to much opinions! I have sat and written about racism and my opinions about it for an hour now! I wont write it here right now, but in the future!

I don´t know what to do first? I have nothing in school! It is soon christmas and it wont be any school for a while! I most plan what I am supposed to accomplish this winter!

And I most buy all the christmas gifts and some new makeup to myself and want new clothes and new artist materials! So much to plan!


One comment

  1. Winter Foxes · December 15, 2012

    I understand your brain exploding. It’s tough. I think it comes from being creative. It’s just such a pain that all these ideas come crashing in at once. It’s as though a muse has crawled in your ear and decided to fall a sleep in there and her dreams are what is filling your head.

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