To catch a butterfly

To catch a butterfly

SO! I´m available from school for a while now because it´s christmas! No I can breathe peacefully! All day have I been running in town, all stores, looking for the last gifts for christmas! I bought too much! Now I have too save money for April when I will go to Stockholm and see Lana Del Rey with my friends!
On Wednesday am I and my little sister going to Malmö for visiting my relatives from my father´s side of the family and we will celebrate christmas a second time this year! But, we are used too do that! Second Christmas! I bought to big presents to my father and his wife. I have too bring them on a train…. It will be tough !



  1. prewitt1970 · December 22, 2012

    Have a great holiday and travel safe.

  2. rgdole · December 23, 2012

    MERRY CHRISTMAS!!! and you’re lucky to get 2 Christmas’s… i hate waiting to open my presents and getting several days of presents is always way better…

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