In another working progress

ImageImageImageHello! Just arrived home and continued to paint on my still not done painting! I hope you can see the motive? No, not at all done! But I think I am on a pretty good way to get happy about this painting, this time. It´s so great. It´s wonderful to paint. When I paint am I in my own happy little world, kind of escaping a bit. But after you have been hit around with all these colors you most study, I am going to that now….


Art doesn´t mean quality, art means participation.

Art doesn´t mean quality, art means participation.

Hi! I am happy! And do you know why? I did a speech to my class today and I did not pass out, puke or anything! I can´t melt this through my body! I did it! I talked in front of them. My speech was about art, so that was an easy subject for me! But oh! The pressure! I made it through. I really like my class, so that might did it easier for me? I really had a lot in school these two latest week, and the two weeks front of me to. The only thing I can do id, do it then check it!

That´s makeup free

That´s makeup free

Hello! It´s sunday evening! I am visiting my father and fun as I am, I am studying! Is there any other life? No!
I have done my cards to my speech tomorrow. Nervous girl am I. Yes yes. I am. Yes. I have p hotographic image test tomorrow also. FUN TIME I have yes. Not kidding. Kidding. Or not. bye I am going to visit Jesus now. Bye.