Now am I annoyed! I was writing this post and then it just disappeared! So hi! Now am I rewriting! .. I have not been bloging so much the latest days because, I don´t know.. I have bought some new clothes for myself on the sale… I visited my friends family over new years eve. Now am I drinking coffee in the apartment alone with music in my new music system. i am waiting for my canvas to dry so I can continue painting later! Anyway! The sun is shining through my open windows and I will take a shower and just run down to town and buy a sandwich and walk around down there until I want more coffee I guess.. As usual!


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  1. Argus · March 30, 2013

    I write most of my own posts over coffee. I drink tea to refresh, but coffee for its soul.

    The Spouse too is an artist, she’s very very good but never sells her work. I have learned over the years to live with the artistic temperament—sometimes it’s not easy, artists can be prickly people when creating … and all sweetness and light when a work is finished.

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