Art doesn´t mean quality, art means participation.

Art doesn´t mean quality, art means participation.

Hi! I am happy! And do you know why? I did a speech to my class today and I did not pass out, puke or anything! I can´t melt this through my body! I did it! I talked in front of them. My speech was about art, so that was an easy subject for me! But oh! The pressure! I made it through. I really like my class, so that might did it easier for me? I really had a lot in school these two latest week, and the two weeks front of me to. The only thing I can do id, do it then check it!



  1. prewitt1970 · January 28, 2013

    Yay good job, speeches can be very hard. You should be very proud. Bravo 😀

  2. Maxima · January 29, 2013

    Yay good job,and very inspiring face! Have nice day

  3. Honey Brown13 · January 29, 2013

    Good job keep it moving, smile life is fun!

  4. rgdole · January 31, 2013

    WAY TO GO!!! i’m happy for you… i’ve had to do so many speeches and i still suck at them… so i know how it feels to get nervous hopefully i’ll join you one day and finally know how it feels to get over it…

  5. jennifer edwards · February 20, 2013

    I agree with your thought on art. Some people do art to get to a destination; the finished product. But the artist who has the most fun creates by experiencing the journey; the process of doing it.
    It is really hard to explain art to people, especially in a speech and even more so if they are not artists! You are brave! I would have thrown up. Thanks for taking a peek at my blog. All the best on your journey…

    • Choosing a Life · February 23, 2013

      I entirely agree. I feel that many people don’t understand art because all they see is the finished product. They don’t see, understand nor feel the process, the vulnerability, effort and openness it takes to create that finished product.

      • revealillusions · February 23, 2013

        Art is something that has been presented, perceived and treated..

  6. Choosing a Life · February 23, 2013

    Great title. I’ll check out your other stuff now. you’re amazingly pretty too.

  7. robpensalfini · February 24, 2013

    I love the sentiment in the title. You might enjoy John Carey’s “What Good Are the Arts?”, if you haven’t read it, in which he argues that the value of the arts to a society is precisely in engaging with and participating in them, not consuming them. Thank you for liking my latest blog entry, by the way, that means a lot. For you, drawing and painting comes easy, and giving a speech in front of people makes you nervous. See, for me, it’s the opposite – I’m a teacher, musician, actor – no problem doing stuff in front of people, but sharing my drawings made me nervous! How wonderful that the world is full of such different people, but we can understand one another’s experiences. x

  8. mrsricketts · March 14, 2013

    After 27 years of talking in front of groups of all ages, I can tell you it gets easier. The best tricks I have found are to prepare well, practice, and the day of the talk, keep very busy right up until you “go on.” Then imagine you are explaining your topic to someone you know and feel safe with. Keep up your artistic journey.

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