Helly Hansen

Helly Hansen

Today do my dog, Helly Hansen turn twenty years! If he still was alive. He died eight years ago. I can´t believe it! I still remember him so much! Such nice dog! At his older age, when he didn´t see very well, he couldn´t walk up the stairs, he got to sleep with me on the first floor when the rest of my family slept upstairs. We were bouth afraid of the thunder. He slept in my bed with me. I remember feeling safe with him. We were thunder-buddies. Happy birthday Hansen. Miss you.



  1. Rain · February 19, 2013

    It’s tragic that the animals who were our friends while we were children die as we become adults.

    Happy birthday, Hansen!

  2. windhound · February 20, 2013

    We never forget the real people in our lives.

  3. insanelikeyou · February 21, 2013

    He was so cute! But look at your face, Cutest my dear. Sunsilk all the way..

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