This was one of My favorite books when I was little. I still have it today. I did just find it in My room in My fathers apartment. I think it is such a good story, so wonderful pictures and nostalgic memories by this Book…



  1. MOA · February 24, 2013

    Älskar den

  2. prewitt1970 · February 24, 2013

    it looks like a beautiful book, what is the story about?

    • revealillusions · February 24, 2013

      A couple who couldn´t have children. They got a seed from a fairy. They plant it in a pot and soon it grew a flower. The mother kissed it and the flower got open. In there it sat a little girl, tiny as the womans thumb. She sleeps in a nutshell with a pillow which was a penny and the quilt was a rose petal. She was stolen by a toad.. the adventure begins…

      • prewitt1970 · February 24, 2013

        I know this story it’s beautiful 🙂

  3. Argus · March 30, 2013

    One of my favourites (in English) even now is “The Cat Who Went to Heaven” by Elizabeth Coatsworth, illustrated by Kiddel-Monroe. It’s about a little kitten in an impoverished chinese household, the artist is very poor. He gets commissioned by temple officials to paint the funerary procession of animals seeking a blessing from the dying Buddha—but he is not allowed to work in a cat. His tiny kitten becomes more and more heartbroken as he approaches the end of the work with no cat in sight …

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