The 25th picture: A person who always make you happy

The 25th picture: A person who always make you happy


Dry the River

ImageHello! I love this band! I cannot stop listen to them! So cute and awesome! I just which I had super speakers in my room so I couldn´t hear anything but them! I truly love their music and their art.




Finally I got twelve days with no school! Free as a bird. Now can I paint and do other things I want.. I´ll go to a concert in Stockholm in a week, Lana Del Rey, as I have told for over five months now. I am longing so hard! Anyway It´s a week until that. Yesterday was my grandpa´s birthday and today We´re going to visit him and eat cake. Yum! Now can I tell, after this report, that I am going to try post some more on my blog, ´cause now I think I got the time and energy! So have a great day! Kiss! Hug! Bye!