Catch up

I week has passed. I week filled with math, english and cells. A week when the winter snow returned two week before easter. The weather is beautiful, but almost scary ´cause of its twists. A half an hour ago I went home from school and it snowed like crazy, I couldn´t evan see. When I came home, the sun shone up and the snowing stopped. I for just five minutes ago my lighted room(from the sun) became all dark. The clouds outside turned dark grey. When I walked home I thought I was snowing crazy much, but then, know is it much worse. I´m glad I like winter and snow, poor people who don´t. This is better than summer sweat… 

I´ll try to catch up on my blog more in the short future. You just need to prioritize sometimes, and my blog haven´t been what I´ve prioritized this week.


One comment

  1. sodaartstudio · March 22, 2013

    I love winter too! We’re a rare breed.

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