When you don´t notice how fast the time runs. How you do things but don´t know about it. You later relax and think about what you have done the latest hours. You get disappointed. Was that all?



  1. Gordon Flanders · April 22, 2013

    I feel that way all that time!

  2. Bob · April 25, 2013

    Our life is like a garden. if we tend to it carefully every day, trim it; feed it; sow the right seeds in the right place and in the right time, we can create an Eden. If we just let it happen as it will. doing little to nothing to learn how to master it, it will become wild and overgrown with weeds – or become a barren wasteland.

    The Choice is ours – a good life requires some hard work in the beginning – but as we get older it requires less work to keep it in all it’s glory.

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