This is my friend, Henning! He was helping me with a homework today! … Just wanted you to know…


Everything falls, but it´s like usual

Everything falls, but it´s like usual

Hello! I am a bit angry because I have typed a job in school today and apparently it was not saved and this post am I re-writing because I happened to press at the wrong button and the last one went down in the trash……… I hate when nothing goes as I want it to! But I am not that mad. I´m just thinking about go and buy a muffin, smash it into crumbs and jump on it and let the birds eat it or I´ll go put the coffeemaker on. The second choice seems like the greatest one.

Sounds of the city

Sounds of the city

This photo looks photoshoped, but it isn´t .. just bad sharpness.. I love to put on make up and do my hair in the evenings ´cause I look so much better this time of the day. I am thinking about some good movie to see. I got the whole night! Do you have any suggestions on movies? I adore french movies, especially those with the actress, Audrey Tautou.