here I am

here I am

Yes! Here I am after quite a time. Still alive, but kind of out-of-order… I haven´t the power for bloging, but now I am… Now a days when I come home from school I try to do my homework so I can sleep…. That is what I have done. I have start to read a book, but I don´t have the timer or power for reading it… I´m walking around nervous all the time ´cause I might do something bad in school, like getting a F or something, and do I not want…. So I´m quite stressed….


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  1. Bob · May 13, 2013

    Feeling TOO stressed is not a good thing… it can stop you from doing your best.

    Make a little time to relax each day and find friends who will support you and not distract or stress you more.

    Have some confidence in yourself, not only negative thinking.

    Believe in yourself. 🙂

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