It´s unbelievable

It´s unbelievable

In about six days I´ll quit school for summer break! It unbelievable how fast this year went! Soon eighteen. Soon.. one and half year.. Counting down. I have a lot of last-minute-task left. I want to find a method learn things quickly. Have an economics test on monday and really want to do god because I like economy, but my memory sucks. So I´m a bit nervous. We´ll see how it goes.



  1. Try to take the world out of the picture when studying for your examine and work to remember by personalizing the information. It may not be good for this exam, but it works great for remembering subjects that feel distant to the heart.

  2. rgdole · June 7, 2013

    wow… i figured you were young… but you’re not even 18 yet? I feel so old… but life does go by fast… it seems the older you get the quicker it’s gone…

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