Out if service

Hello! I’d just came home from a friend. I took the Train. I Can’t believe how difficult it is to get Train tickets! Especially when I only was supposed to go like three miles… The machine you Buy your tickets from was out of order! The only machine. (Why is there only one??) I had ten minutes to get a ticket before My train went. I got a ticket After 11 minutes. But I did not miss the train ‘Cause one lovely soul ran out and told the conducter to wait. I’m so glad! I got home. But the ugly things that : THEY NEVER CHECKED MY TICKET!
This does not work.


One comment

  1. jimmykincaid · January 2, 2014

    My friends have “Smart Cards” and every time they try to add money at the station it takes ten times as long as it does for me to buy a round trip ticket.

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