Hello! I would love to write something interesting for a change, but I don´t have anything to write about. You might say “Write about what you have done!” Okay. I would answer “Today I woke up five hours to late for a un-planned day. I drank coffee and ate a sandwich with a egg and chanterelles. After that I don´t remember and then I took a shower. Put on some makeup and ran out to town which was closing in about ten minutes. Ate another sandwich with peas and corn and eggs. Read 50 pages in my book Blonde by Joyce Carol Oates. Ate dinner ‘Tacos’ ( A mexican meal, but it´s also a meal we swedes have re-created to a swedish one OBS un-spicy!!) Then I read a few more pages. Now am I thinking about reading some more.”



  1. Lily Wight · July 1, 2013

    It sounds like a perfect day!

  2. soonie2 · July 1, 2013

    Sounds good to me!

  3. BnA.Photo · July 1, 2013

    What do you think about when you take pictures?

    • revealillusions · July 2, 2013

      How do you mean? Like which pictures?

      • BnA.Photo · July 2, 2013

        well, your cover for example, what was the idea behind that picture?

      • revealillusions · July 2, 2013

        I dont want to dull, But I had no idea! Didnt thought about what I was doing or how the photo would be used!

      • BnA.Photo · July 2, 2013

        I don’t think that’s dull! I think it’s a great picture actually, that’s why I was interested on how you came about it. And the close up ones you did too!

      • revealillusions · July 2, 2013

        Thank you! I´m glad to hear!

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