So embarrassing! I have not painted with my tablet in forever! So I thought I´ll train me up this evening. I drawer through an album… Got this. Ehm.. It´s an awful, really poor painted picture.. When I first bought the tablet I thought it was easy to draw with. I have some awesome pictures I´ve done. But now… I can´t!



  1. Practice makes perfect, but your eye is way better than the one I’ve posted. http://www.authoravaddohnsb.blogspot.com/ post- 1-007. You’re correct about the use of a tablet, it takes time to remember how it was used in the past, and meanwhile you’re relearning sometimes even new skills.

    Rhapsodie foravaddohn

  2. abirami · July 20, 2013

    this is so beautiful!!! brilliant draw 🙂 keep drawing

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