Hello! In the past two months has my blog been a desert. I forgive with all my heart. But you know, I have been traveling, one week in Slovenia and one week in Canary Islands, so I have had school work to catch up with.

Now is it Autumn break and I have absolutely nothing to do! The latest three days have I watched some tv-series like Greek and Grey´s Anatomy. I´m doing nothing. So today, in my restlessness, I jumped out of the sofa and dragged all my things out of my room and replaced everything. 

I shouldn´t have. Because all my furnitures are so heavy and now am I extremely tired and all of my things are lying around all over my apartment. The room does not even look good anymore. But I´m to tired to get all furnitures back to their right place, so I just have to live with it. 

Now you see why I haven´t write anything? How fun. Reading about my day. The day when I was moving furnitures. 


One comment

  1. MissTiffany · October 30, 2013

    Don’t you hate losing motivation halfway through a job like that? Somehow, it always happens when you decide to super-clean something. My room is is still halfway organized from my partial cleaning frenzy last month.
    Nice to hear from you again. Sounds like life has been pleasantly busy.

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