And two new lesson doodles




The best feeling

Do you know what I think is the best?
When you are in a period, a low period, when everything goes down. You aren´t sad, it feels like you just are. Are something, But dont know what the fuck that is. Okey… This is not what I think is the best. The best is when you have been in this period and suddenly feel you are on your way out of it. Suddenly something of that bad disappears! That feeling is the greatest!

How to present

I´m so happy! A week ago, i presented “tale”. A tale I have made myself. This was in my english class. (English is my worst subject, I really don´t get it) anyway, we all worked in the subject “civil right movement” and we all got our own topic to write about. Well I got lynching. And we were supposed to present this to the whole class. My pronunciation isn´t good. So before I made my presentation I thought “Okey. You can do it! You wont get a F. You won’t. You aren´t that bad.”

No I wasn´t. I got an A.

Phone music

One of the things I hate the most. When you play music on your phone. Can´t you hear the incredible bad sound? Not it evan the greatest song can sound good. My head explodes, that´s how bad it is. Really. Phone-music gives me headache. Some people does just not show any respect.


Hhahello! It´s late and I am supposed to wake up late tomorrow (because I can) so I can´t fall asleep. I am looking through my computer and I found a mail my grandmother sent me for almost two years ago.

This is what she wrote:

Hello my crazy grandchild!

I didn´t want to call this late, but I want tell you I didn´t forgot you. I didn´t finish the game until a couple of minutes ago. Then I was like you when you are on your way to the buss. I almost explode, but I got to the bathroom in time!!! That felt sooooo gooood.

Sleep well my little princess, or cucumber if you rather want me to call you that.

Your grandmother Marianne