I´m almost shaking of either happiness, sorrow or anger. I grab a pencil and express myself hastily on a paper. It doesn´t matter if it is in words or picture. But during this process my mind gets clear. After this whole process I get almost the same feeling as after I have read a book. My mind grow wider. This process is amazing. You can sleep well and be proud over the progress you´ve done. The day after, when you see your work, it´s like the worst hangover. I always hate the result of my work, even though the production of it was like in harmony. Most of my work met the trash can. This is not because I don´t believe in myself. I am good, I know that, but it´s my work, it´s my feelings, something I might not want to taste again. 


One comment

  1. ionafrancesbrown · November 9, 2013

    gaaa so true, art eh!?

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