How to present

I´m so happy! A week ago, i presented “tale”. A tale I have made myself. This was in my english class. (English is my worst subject, I really don´t get it) anyway, we all worked in the subject “civil right movement” and we all got our own topic to write about. Well I got lynching. And we were supposed to present this to the whole class. My pronunciation isn´t good. So before I made my presentation I thought “Okey. You can do it! You wont get a F. You won’t. You aren´t that bad.”

No I wasn´t. I got an A.



  1. Maria · November 15, 2013

    I always did the same before an exam and it works quite well!!!

  2. kathryningrid · November 15, 2013

    Congratulations! Your English is better than you think, and blogging in English only helps you to make it even more secure. It’s a tough language! And then you got such a tough subject!!! Well done.

  3. Mouse · November 19, 2013

    English is my native language… and I don’t always get it 😉

    Great work getting the ‘A’ though… i like to think a small part of that is down to me 🙂

    And so you get an A+ for the next time…. regarding your last post?? ‘does’, as hard as it is to believe, is a ‘singular 3rd person’ verb.. he does…she does, etc. meaning one person does something. But when you refer to a group of things/people you use the plural of the verb – ‘do’ ( yes do is plural in English as well as singular! – They do, I do.). So the correct sentence should have been..”Some people just DO not show any respect.” When using the qualifier ‘just’ you need to put it in front of the verb for A+ English 😉 And if you want to sound more ‘natural’ you can shorten do not to don’t, which you can’t do if you put the ‘just’ in between do and not.

    You could also say : “Some people just show No respect” and you could make it slightly more specific and relating to a particular experience by adding the endings: ‘anymore’, ‘these days’ or perhaps, ‘to others lately’ but the sentence on it’s own would still be ‘correct’ English 🙂

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