My gift to grandma




I don´t know if this year has gone fast or slow, because all I actually can remember happening this year happened in these latest months. But I look back in this blog for making myself remember.

In the beginning of this year I was in the second semester of the first year in high school. I remember myself drawing a lot with acrylic. And not actually much more. I listened a lot to a band called Benjamin Franklin Leftwich.  I got my camera a month before so I photographed much in January. 

February: Looked like January. Watched all episodes of Ugly Betty, I´m so proud. 

March: March was cold and boring. MArch was filled with a lot of nothingness.

April: We wallpapered my room, from green to white. Listened much to Hugh Lauries album Let them talk. My friend Moa and I went to Stockholm and saw Lana Del Rey.

May: I ate a lot of chocolate, water melons, avocado and sushi. Listened at Hugh Laurie this month too. 

June: I cleaned my room(applause) and ended my first year of high school. And at the third day of this summer break I wanted back to school.


July: Ate avocado….. Worked at a museum and traveled north with a friend and worked there. Ate a lot of applesauce and cherries.

August: Started school again! YYAAAAY!!!!

September: I traveled to Slovenia with my grandparents! It was so much fun! We traveled by bus. First from sweden to Denmark, to Germany. Slept in Germany. From Germany to Austria to Slovenia! Stayed there for a week and went and saw a lot of thing. We visited Croatia and Italy for example. And then the same road home again! It was a very successful trip!

October: I traveled to Canary islands with my aunt and her husband! We stayed there for a week and it was really hot and we relaxed all week. It was really cozy. And the day we traveled home by flight, I later that day took the train to Malmö for visiting my relatives. And the day after that my great-grandmother turned 100 years old! Party party. 

November: I traveled to Riga for four days with three other students in my school! I almost missed the plane, but whatever! It was different but really exciting and I think I learned a lot from that journey.

December: I started this month with turning seventeen years old!! I got so good presents! This month have had a lot of “glögg”, coffee and cookies. And a really long and stressful christmas. And I have been and am tired.

So basically, if I hadn´t gone to all these trips in the end of the year my ear would have sucked! But it didn´t! I have learned much and I am looking forward to next year to se what it has to offer!


Fell asleep

Hello! and merry christmas! Are you tired? I am. Extremely tired. I sleep 20 hours out of 48 in average. That´s a lot. I have a break from school now until 8th of january. I have slept almost all the time sense the 19th of december, the day my winter break started. 

Why am I this tired? Why do I have no energy? I really don´t know. I have planed to do a lot of studying this holiday so it´ll be easier for me when I go back to school, but my head doesn´t work.

Time runs away. And I get nothing done. I absolutely hate this, but it feels like there is nothing I can do.

Merry Christmas





My friends were over yesterday to celebrate me. I turn 17 tomorrow. It was cozy and I’m so glad they came and were happy. I got some real beautiful gifts. Much better then I would Ever think to get. Got some oils, books, pencils, buns a clock and more. They are so amazing.
I woke up today all happy and there are no clouds in the sky. On the square outside My apartment is there people singing Christinas carols.