Photos taken by my friend MoaB

So, now it´s january. 2014. New promises created. No one by me, though. What new year´s resolution would suit me this year?

No ideá, so I wont bother. 

I believe there is a time for me to really start thinking about what I want to become. I know I am seventeen and  will probably not do whatever I say I want to do now in the future. But I must have something, a goal, to go for.  Like if I want to be a writer I can plan for that or something else. My problem is that I can see myself as almost everything. 

My problem is that I can do everything. I just need to know I want to do it.



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  1. Mouse · January 6, 2014

    If i might offer some words of wisdom granted me through a long life…

    It is not a problem that you can do everything – it is a Great Gift – learn to appreciate it as such.

    You have spoken about your difficulty trying to decide here before – to be ‘certain’ about what it is you will do… Don’t!

    VERY few human beings are ever fortunate enough to be certain of what it is they want/can do in life and then get to do it exactly as they hoped. The vast majority of us never have that privilege, despite many trying to achieve it.

    Almost all of us will find that life rarely, if ever, goes exactly according to our plans for it. Something completely unexpected will come along and make a great influence upon who we are and what we end up doing or being.

    Accept that this is part of living and learn how best to deal with it – because it WILL happen whether you want it to or not. Don’t look back in 40 years and say “Ohhhh, that’s what he meant!” and act all surprised like you had not been told about it all those years ago.

    Life is anything but ‘certain’ – you make it up as best as you can while you go along but with large chunks of stuff you never planned for. Just make sure you enjoy as much of it as you may and that you learn how to accept it with good humour when it doesn’t go the way you thought it would. Get over the disappointment and move on to the next part of your life with hope… and you will live a happy and contented life. – With luck 🙂

    Remember always that your life’s journey has not been written down in stone… you are free to do something different whenever you wish, but that some of your choices will make that a lot harder than it sounds. So choose wisely, but not as if you can see exactly how it will turn out… because chances are, you won’t.

    Stay open to opportunity whenever she gives you the chance to do the thing you love and know that sometimes – the thing we least want is exactly what we get in life. If you can accept this, and use it, you are well on your way to living a very happy life.

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