So incredibly tired

ImageHi I´m tired. So tired. I´m home from school, sick, today. My head hurts. No fever. Everything just hurts. Feeling sick when I´m eating, but eating is good so I eat anyway. 

The problem about being sick when living in the middle of the city is- what am I supposed to do when I need fresh air? If i go out, I look terrible, people will se me and I look like a hobo. So before going out I have do something to not look like a monster. Anyway that´s so embarrassing, but when I come in again the head feels lighter. So good.

The problem about this is my uncle said that I´m not supposed to go out when I´m home from school and ill. So I thought he meant like- you can´t go into shops and like go shopping you know, but when he heard I´ve been out for a walk he became angry. Well I though air was just as important as sleep and food while sick. Well well. It doesn´t matter I felt better and that is all that matters.



One comment

  1. Mouse · February 17, 2014

    I think your English is definitely improving! – Well done!

    You may need to watch how much you abbreviate the language… it’s ok to shorten words/sentences to text – and maybe to write blogs… but conversation with people needs the little ‘extras’ 🙂

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