I can tell you while I´m here that I have goodreads.

My name there is Revealillusions    (obviously)

So, if you follow me I know that you exist and then can I check out what books you are reading… Just for fun..



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  1. Honey Brown13 · March 13, 2014

    I just found out about a remarkable person.

    Yesterday I found about about a Principal that gave up her salary so that she would not have to let any of her teachers go. Yes, you heard me, she gave up her entire salary to save her staff.

    She is married and has three children and decided not to be selfish. It brought tears to my eyes especially in this day and age where there are so many people struggling to make ends meet.

    How can it be paid forward to her or her school? Oh did I mention that the staff doesn’t know the sacrifice that she has made? She doesn’t want them to know.

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