Coffee break



Questions and answers

What do you prefer to do when you´re free?

I love when I have super-creative days. That´s when I´m in my room and just produce art, texts or something else. So I´ll go to sleep with a whole new bunch of works I´ve created. 


The most odd thing you have experienced?

Hmm. Gosh! I don´t know! You know, I have been like a meter away from my favorite band, that I have listened to my whole life. That was a pretty odd experience.


 What are you most proud of?

I have understood the importance of studying and I have learnt to take the chances when they are given. 


Your biggest source of inspiration?

That´s like the largest questions you could ask. I would like to re-ask – Where don´t I find inspiration? I love seeing things others done that either looks beautiful or have really good thoughts. I get really inspired by the nature and the sky. I love colorful things.


Describe yourself with three words:

> Loud, tired and thirsty 

but, my friend says- Smart, kind and cool.

and one other friends said- Charming, determined and kind.     So at least I´m kind.


You dream about?

I have millions of dreams! I would like to get successful with spreading out my art. Publish a book. Create a nice home and family in the future. Study much. Found a job I like. Travel. And so on. 


If you won a million?

Move and buy 1004 dogs.



Botanic garden

We are now in the botanic garden in Copenhagen. It is incredibly hot, like in the summer. Now clouds. The sky is all clear with steaming sun. We didn’t have to wear a jacket. That’s warm in April! I love Copenhagen !